6 Easy Steps To Design A Custom Bed For Your Home Decor

The bedroom serves as a heaven and comfort zone to let go and forget about the hectic day outside of your home. The aesthetic and calming environment of your bedroom majorly affects your quality of sleep. Your bed is undeniably the statement piece of the bedroom that enhances the overall aura and vibe of your space. You can shop for made-to-measure beds from furniture stores for your space with versatile designs.

Designing a custom can be beneficial for you as it serves a multitude of purposes and limited floor space is not a problem because you can design your bed according to the room dimensions. If you want to create the bed of your dreams to give a personalized look to your bedrooms, we have prepared an easy guide for you to make a bed tailored exactly to your needs.

Comprehensive Guide On Designing A Custom Bed For Your Bedrooms

If you have decided to create your custom bed, you will need to purchase some necessary components from the market including bed frame, headboards, legs, fabric, and upholstering materials. To make the bed, you will need to gather tools like a tape measure, cordless drill, socket wrench, circular saw, level, and pencil. After you’ve got all the needed tools and materials, let’s take a step toward designing the custom bed.

Step 1: Decide What You Need?

Decide What You Need

First, think about the style you want to serve in your bedroom. Designing a custom bed involves the purchase of various things that can either be made by yourself or shopped from the stores matching with the rest of the elements.

So, you can decide on whether you need to design the complete bed by yourself which will include the purchase of a headboard, footboard, and upholstered or side rails. Whatever you want, you can design the bed of your choice through this DIY guide.

Step 2: Choose One of Four Headboards

Choose One of Four Headboards

Headboards are the back support of the bed that give protection to your walls from abrasion. The headboards on your beds can be focal points in your bedrooms, enhancing the entire space. Various headboard styles are available in a range of sizes and color options.

You can make your headboard by selecting a wooden material like plywood and cutting it to the desired size. By stapling the foam and upholstery fabric to the plywood and pushing the bed frame against the headboard, you are done with the headboard.

Step 3: Select The Bed Size

Select The Bed Size

When you are selecting the size of your bed, first take the actual dimensions of your bedroom. Envision different sizes of beds in your mind according to the bedroom layout. Compare the existing bed with the one you are going to design. It will help you have a clear idea of the bed size, and you will purchase the bed frame and/or side rails accordingly.

You can decide whether you want to create a bed large in size as compared to the existing bed or want to save up some more space by installing a custom-sized small bed. Think about the other room furnishings elements like the dressing table or coffee tables. Besides, if you want to place rugs or carpets in your bedrooms, you should select the bed size wisely according to your preferences.

Step 4: Select Foam, Fabric, & Choose Leg Style

Select Foam, Fabric, & Choose Leg Style

Bed foams are of different types including memory foam, polyurethane, and latex. But for relaxed sleep and comfort select the memory foam of good quality. The selection of fabric for the bed needs your time and attention as you have to think about interior aesthetics. Pick the fabric that suits your skin, and bed style, and it must be soft, as well.

The most common fabric choices for beds are cotton, polyester, and nylon. Leg style for bed depends on your choice, you can keep it simple for a unique look or choose tapered, curved, turned, or square for a stylish appearance. Besides the style, think about the height of the legs as per your convenience.

Step 5: Select The Wood Finish

Select The Wood Finish

Wooden beds are a popular trend that are made from versatile materials and contemporary finishes. There are plenty of wooden finishes available to create a custom bed for your space. Varnish is the most commonly used finish for furniture items. Besides that, oil, wax, lacquer, wood dye, and water-based finishes are also available to improve the texture and appearance of the bed.

For a natural or quality finish, you can apply two coats of varnish to protect the wood from altering or hiding its natural feel and color. You can also apply a pigmented wood stain to tint the color of the wood as per your choice

Step 6: Bring Everything Together

Bring Everything Together

After you purchase everything, now’s the time to join the different parts of your bespoke bed. Bring everything in place and start connecting each component starting from the base and headboard. After joining the bed frame or side rails with the bed using the needed tools, you are all set to add bed sheets.

Your bed sheets must snugly fit over the bed to give a smooth and clean surface. After adding the pillows or cushions to your bed, you are done with designing your custom bed for your bedroom.

In Conclusion

Beds can be custom designed yourself to create a more comfortable and personalized sleeping spot. If you are planning to design a custom bed for your bedroom, you will need to buy the needed materials from some trusted suppliers. To start with the specific style in mind, select premium quality headboards depending on the material that suits best your needs and styling requirements.

Determine the size of the bed and leg style as per your styling preferences and interior decor themes. Moreover, the most crucial thing to consider is the wooden finish as there are versatile choices available for wooden textures and designs.

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