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You spend most of your relaxing time in your bedroom, which must look pleasant. For that purpose, we bring you the most appealing upholstered headboards that can change the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. Our beautiful bed decor items, like customized furniture, pillows, and headboards, are made to complete your place.

To be fully relaxed, everyone wants a pleasant atmosphere around him. We provide the most suitable bedhead for your wall colour and interior design. Get the most amazing bed headboard designs to improve your room decor. Contact us today to see our latest designs.

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Innovative Designs

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Durable Products

Get Modern Upholstered Headboards in Dubai for Every Style

Our professionals understand the sense of modern trends and design and then design the headboard wall panel accordingly. At our showroom, you can see many different kinds of bedhead. The most popular headboards include wooden and fabric headboards for single beds, upholstered beds, and much more. All these types of headboards are made of high-quality material with expert craftsmanship.

We aim to provide the most amazing serviceability benefits to them. People who want a bold and colourful look get our headboard with vibrant patterns or textures. This can add a fun pop of colour to your bedroom and help create a playful, lively atmosphere. Our extensive range of stylish headboards has gorgeous designs that can suit any type of bed or interior design.

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Enjoy a Personalized Look With Our Custom Headboard In UAE

Our company offers top-notch customization services for customers wanting to get their headboards upholstered according to their innovative ideas. You can get complete headboard customizations, which include materials, upholstery fabric, size, design, and colour scheme of headboards also.

For the creative manufacturing of your custom headboards according to your style, you only have to give the specifications and requirements to our carpentry experts. You can get free suggestions also about the latest trends. You will get your dream headboard from us at very affordable rates.

Advantages Of Our Premium Upholstered Headboards in Dubai

We always design our Upholstered bedstead to make them highly attractive for every type. Our headboard for sale is an effective decor element that can transform the look of your bedroom. Let’s have a quick look at the features of our headboards.

  • Our upholstered bed headboards are manufactured using high-end materials, which make them luxurious.
  • They can boost the aesthetics of your bedroom.
  • The prices of the wooden headboards by our company are competitive as compared to the entire market.
  • These headboards provide you with lovely and comfortable back support. 
  • They protect the walls of your bedroom from abrasion as well.
  • You can also get these headboards with custom designs and colours to get a personalized look.
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Select The Best Headboards From Our Unique Collection

When purchasing furniture or related items, it would be quite stressful for the users to find the best and most affordable product. But with WoodenDoorsDubai, you do not have to get worried as we offer the top-notch upholstered bed headboard in a wide variety at our showroom. In addition, you can get free suggestions from our experts.

We aim to help you buy the best headboards for your luxurious bedroom. You will see the most amazing and modern bedhead designs at our store. Besides the ready-made collection of our upholstered headboards, you can ask our professionals if you want to get custom ones. Contact us to share your ideas with our experts and get the custom bedhead at the best market rate.

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Why Choose Us For Upholstered Headboards?

Selecting our company among many other headboard suppliers in Dubai will offer many benefits. Our prices are affordable as compared to other companies. We believe in providing our customers with the latest designs and quality bedhead. The main attraction of a bedroom is the headboard; get our luxurious wall panel in your bedroom. 

You can get our services round the clock and in all cities of the United Arab Emirates. Our crafting staff is very competent and can provide custom designs with custom colour options. Our customer care team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. You will get the fastest delivery of our products and the perfect fitting at affordable prices. Call us now to make your bedroom more beautiful.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Using a headboard on a bed offers you a really functional approach. The headboard provides sturdy support and protects your walls from abrasion as well. You can also add a personal touch to your bedrooms by using bed headboards.

A bed that does not have any headboard is simply called a bed or simple bed frame. A simple bed only contains legs in order to give proper support to the frame or beam and does not have any kind of footboard or headboard.

Firstly you have to check whether your adjustable bed got a headboard bracket or not. If there is one then you have to place the headboard legs in that bracket and screw them up. This is the most simple way to attach a bed headboard to an adjustable bed and works for almost all beds.

Upholstered Headboards can accumulate dust, pests, and even germs which can make them unhygienic. But proper routine care and cleaning of these upholstered bed headboards can easily eliminate this problem to eradicate any kind of dust particles, pests, or, mold growth from these bed headboards.