Buy Our Modern Aluminium Doors in Dubai For Style & Security

Improve the elegance of your entrances with our durable aluminium doors Dubai. Our aluminium doors & windows feature a sleek build with premium aluminium – we redefine your house’s aesthetics.

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Get Durability & Style With Our Aluminium Doors In Dubai

We are the premium supplier of aluminium doors in Dubai featuring doors that are a perfect blend of durability & style. The premium-grade aluminium construct ensures that these doors have longevity against harsh weather. Worrying about the price! We offer low rates on all our doors.

Our doors are sturdy yet they are extremely lightweight making it easy to open or close them with slight effort. We integrate enhanced security features within our doors such as multi-locking systems & biometric systems to satisfy your safety concerns. These aluminium doors are available in luxuriously modern & minimalistic chic styles for aesthetic appeal.

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We Make Your Entryways Welcoming With Affordable Aluminium Doors

Wooden Doors Dubai is a store that has been making doors affordable for our customers for 10+ years now. Our elegant-looking kitchen aluminium doors in Dubai come in stunning styles for both your modern or classical interior design needs at market-competitive rates.

When compared to other aluminium door suppliers in UAE in terms of quality construction & aesthetic appeal, our prices are cheap. We install advanced locking features within doors at low prices.

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We Have Aluminium Doors Dubai For Every Entrance

Hinged Aluminum Doors

These traditional doors feature a swing design with a strong aluminium frame for easy operations.

Sliding Doors

For a modern style, these sliding aluminium doors in Dubai feature tracks for gliding functions.

Bi-Folding Aluminium Doors

The durable aluminium construct of these bi-folding door panels offers a wide open/close flow.

Aluminium Framed Glass Doors

You get aluminium doors with a classical frame design with large glass panels for natural light inflow.

Our Aluminum Doors Dubai Offer Features That Matter


Our aluminium doors come in various designs & styles for your aesthetic preferences.


Get the doors with a resilient build to withstand all-weather conditions for long-lasting use.

Energy Efficient

With our doors for their glass & frame, you get low heat transfer, making them energy efficient.

Aesthetic Perfection With Our Custom-Made Aluminum Doors Dubai

Searching for an aluminium doors shop near me for your customised door needs? You have found it. We provide extensive customization options for these doors in designs, sizes, and colours. Increase the security and style of your aluminium doors in Dubai with our custom low-cost upgrades.

Get custom door frame sizes for both standard & oversized entryways.
Choose from 20+ aluminium door frame finishes like metallic, wood grain, or matte.
Get custom hardware such as handles, locks, & hinges for your preferred styles.
Efficient Aluminium Doors Dubai

Free Aluminum Doors Dubai Design Consultation – Discounts Up To 10% 

Need a custom aluminium door design consultation? We do it for free, in-person, and anywhere in Dubai. Book your custom orders for discounts up to 10%.

Customized Aluminium Doors Dubai

Hire Us For Seamless Aluminum Doors Dubai Fitting

Do not worry yourself about your aluminium door installation in Dubai. We provide the best aluminium door fitting service in the UAE. With skilled door fitters trained in the best installation techniques, you will get a seamless door installation.

Whether you are working with hinge door installation or a sliding door setup, we will install each door according to your requirements. We ensure your peace of mind with post-installation checks for proper functioning. from the door design consultation to the final quality checks, our door fitting service is precise, meticulous, & best of all; cost affordable.

Steps To Order Our Aluminium Doors In Dubai
Choose Your Favorite Design

Choose Your Favorite Design

Get Free Quotation

Get Free Quotation

Tell Us About Your Availability

Tell Us About Your Availability

Get Our High-quality Services

Get Our High-quality Services

Why Prefer Our Aluminum Doors In Dubai?

With 10+ years in the aluminium doors & windows business, we have sold & installed 3000+ doors for both commercial & residential spaces. You must choose us for;

Free Measurements

Free Door Measurements

You get free measurements for the right fittings of aluminium doors in Dubai.

Free Price Estimates

Our complimentary price estimates give you the best quotes.

Customization On Demand

For your custom-made aluminium doors, get plenty of options to choose from.

Quality Materials

We use only premium-grade aluminium for our doors to ensure quality.

24-7 Availability

24/7 Availability

You get 24/7 customer support & order booking for modern doors.

Fastest Delivery

Free Delivery

Book your order for aluminium doors for free on-time delivery in Dubai.

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Durable Aluminium Doors Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

For our aluminium doors in Dubai, the average range for the door frame we use is within 1.5 mm to 3 mm. Within this thickness range, we ensure the structural integrity of the door against the harsh weather conditions of Dubai.

Yes, we do apply protective coatings for all our aluminium doors Dubai. These protective layers prevent these doors from rusting & corrosion to ensure their durability. We use the powder coating process which creates a barrier to resist elements like dust, dirt, UV radiation, & moisture.

Yes, we can integrate your aluminium doors with home automation systems too like for the sliding doors for this; we use various technologies such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth, or a dedicated app. You can easily and remotely control your doors functioning for security & ease of access.

Yes, we do have a speciality in installation for doors in high-rise buildings in the UAE. Our experts are skilled in taking care of any door fitting job for proper operations. They ensure compliance with all building codes & safety concerns to deliver you a quality door installation service.