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Visit our store to buy luxury glass doors in Dubai for elegant partition solutions. Our luxury glass entrance doors are available at market-competitive prices and will give your commercial and residential spaces a futuristic appearance.

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Our Glass Doors in Dubai – Built for Lasting Durability

When it comes to our doors, our priority lies in durability and long-lasting use. From hinged doors to sliding glass doors to pivot doors, we ensure that each one is made from premium materials.

Our hinged door can withstand opening & closing without losing its hinge strength. You get sliding doors, made of glass, which are built for smooth operation despite years of sliding wear & tear. Each door we offer is a cost-effective investment to your interior – lasting for 15+ years.

We Are Proud To Present Our Glass Door Collection 2024
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Adorn Your Home With Our Luxury Glass Door Solutions

With our sophisticated door solutions, you can elevate the interior decor of your home. From kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms to living rooms, get a perfect glass door for every need and look.

From contemporary to classical, we have stunning design options for every room of the house. Get our frosted WPC Door and glass doors in Dubai  for the bathrooms. Choose our modern frameless design for the kitchen doors with tempered panels – illuminating your kitchen space.

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Choose From Our Diverse Types Of Glass Doors Dubai

Sliding Glass Door

Our sliding glass door offers a sturdy aluminum frame with tempered glass for smooth sliding.

Door with Aluminum Frame

Get a door with an aluminum frame & sleek glass panels for a lightweight & elegant entrance.

Office Door

Available in both steel & aluminum frames and sturdy glass, these doors offer transparent partitions.

Bathroom Door

Get a bathroom glass door with a stainless steel frame & frosted glass panels for privacy settings.

Experience the Functional Features Of Our Glass Doors In Dubai

Sturdy Build

Our glass door panels are reinforced for a sturdy build to offer security.


We integrate doors with smart home tech for ease of operations.

Sound Proof

Get our glass doors in Dubai with double & triple panes to absorb outside noises.

Redesign Your Interiors With Our Customized Glass Doors

We are here to transform your interior spaces with our custom glass door solution for both partition & interior design needs. Get your bespoke doors in multiple designs, door frames, & custom printings for glass panels. We provide tailored glass entry solutions at low prices.

Get custom size & dimension for your glass door in Dubai
Choose a glass type; clear, tinted, textured, tempered, or frosted
Personalized frame in wood & metal with a finishing of your preference
Durable Glass Door Dubai

Get Free Price Quotes On All Our Glass Door Designs 

Call our store helpline or connect us over email to get free proposals on our variety of glass door designs & types. Avail up to 15% discounts.

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Hire Us For Seamless Glass Door Installation Services

We provide the best glass door fitting services in Dubai to make your interior decor stand out. Our expert door fitters ensure the right fit within your space. Choose from our different door installation types such as hinged, pivoting, and sliding doors.

These expert door fitters are adept at installing any door type. From the wall measurements to the final movement check of the glass door, they ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We use only quality hardware like hinges, screws, bolts, nuts, & handles to secure your door in place.

Steps To Order Our Glass Doors In Dubai
Choose Your Favorite Design

Choose Your Favorite Design

Get Free Quotation

Get Free Quotation

Tell Us About Your Availability

Tell Us About Your Availability

Get Our High-quality Services

Get Our High-quality Services

Why Choose Us For Glass Doors In Dubai?

We have a market presence of 10+ years in the door industry. With 1500+ glass doors deliveries & fittings, we are known for our quality & affordability.


Our door fitters have 10+ years of experience in perfect glass door fitting.

Quality Products

Our doors are made from premium-quality glass and frames for durability.

Stunning Designs

We provide innovative design options for your preferred door aesthetics.

Budget-friendly Prices

Low Prices

Our glass doors in Dubai are available at low prices for the best features.

Customer Support

We provide both pre-sale & post-installation excellent customer support.

Transparent Dealings

We are concise & clear in our dealings from order booking to fitting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many options to recommend for Dubai’s climate but the Tempered glass door is the best choice. We recommend this because of its high SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient). This minimizes the heat gain for this glass allowing only the light to get in. It’s also resistant to sandstorm impacts.

Yes, we do offer motorized mechanisms for automation in the door functioning. With the use of a brushless DC Somfy motor, you get 10+ years of noise-free efficient performance. For motorized functioning, you can choose from remote control to smartphone apps, to sensors.

Yes, on the client’s demand, we can add a variety of security features to make living secure. Our glass doors already come with premium-quality locks to ensure security. We can also add access control systems like a biometric scanner or a key card reader.

Yes, we do offer custom finishes for your wooden or metal glass door frames. Choose from our variety of finishes like polished, brushed, or powdered coated. We apply these finishes with precision to ensure long-term durability with aesthetic looks,