The 7 Best Places to Buy Customized Furniture of 2024

Customized furniture is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who want pieces that perfectly fit their space and style. Rather than settling for store-bought furniture that may not be quite right, custom furniture can be tailored to your exact specifications. From customized couches to bespoke beds and dressers, customized pieces make a space unique.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best places to buy customized furniture in Dubai. These stores offer quality craftsmanship, various customization options, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your living room or want to customize your entire bedroom set, these 7 stores have you covered.

Top 7 Places to Buy Customized Furniture of 2024

1 –

Wooden Doors Dubai

Wooden Doors Dubai specializes in handcrafted woodwork and custom carpentry. Their experienced team can build anything from customized beds and tables to unique doors and staircase railings.

Wooden Doors allows clients complete customizability over wood type, color, size, and design. If you show them a picture or sketch of furniture, they can make it out of oak, teak, or mahogany wood. In their workplace, they use high-tech machines and tools to make furniture that is perfect in every way.

When Wooden Doors makes furniture, they pay close attention to every detail and the quality of their work is unmatched. They also offer free space planning and design advice to clients.

2 –

Asghar Furniture

Asghar Furniture takes pride in beautifully designed handmade furniture crafted from high-quality wood. Customers can select from their existing designs or ask for customized products to be made according to specifications.

They are experts at selling bedroom sets, eating sets, TV cabinets, wardrobes, and office furniture. You can make it your own by choosing from different finishes and colors, wood types and textures, engravings or carvings that are unique to you, and sizes that are adjusted to fit your space.

Asghar Furniture’s expert craftsmen combine precision woodworking with fine detailing to create long-lasting furniture and design continuity throughout a home. They also provide free space planning and photorealistic renderings to bring your custom vision to life.

3 –

Custom Furniture Dubai

As the name suggests, exclusively makes customized furniture pieces for residential and commercial projects. Whether you want to customize your whole home or simply want a unique kitchen island, they have the tools and skills to do it.

Their specialty lies in bespoke kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, and office furniture. Their finishing expertise includes gloss polyurethane, satin lacquer, or matt melamine as per the customer’s requirement.

Additionally, their in-house design team helps customize furniture keeping the client’s needs, space, and style in mind. They also ensure quick turnaround and professional after-sales service.

4 –

The One

The One has revolutionized furniture customization with groundbreaking 3D printing technology and global design partnerships. It lets people work together to make their dream furniture through an easy online design process.

Once you’ve chosen the type of furniture you want, you can change everything about it, including the shape, size, material, color, design, and upholstery. Their cutting-edge 3D configurator lets you see photorealistic pictures of your product from all sides while you’re making changes.

Once everything is agreed upon, their industrial robotic 3D printers will make your custom furniture with always high accuracy. Making things is quick, efficient, and doesn’t waste anything because they are only made when they are bought. Their world delivery network also makes sure that shipping is pretty quick.

5 –

Fixit Design

For both homes and businesses, Fixit Design provides full interior design services as well as unique furniture manufacturing.

Fixit Design specializes in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices, and they let you make changes right down to the inch. They will build it by hand using careful European workmanship after you tell them what kind of wood, upholstery, finish, and other options you want.

They also help with every step of the process by showing you what the final product will look like in 3D, rendering it realistically, planning the area, designing the interior, and quickly installing it professionally. Fixit Design is the best place in the UAE to get custom furniture because of its high-quality work and reliable service.

6 –

Dubai Sofa Upholstery can give your old furniture a new look by custom-upholstering it and building it well. They help bring your furniture up to date and give your home a new look.

Even though specializes in sofas, they can also reupholster chairs, beds, screens, stools, and other things. For seating, clients can pick from more than 500 fabrics and leathers and add their engravings, carvings, and finishes.

With their eco-friendly refurbishing process, you can make your furniture last longer in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Your custom furniture will also stay in great shape for years with regular repair services.

7 –

Design Furniture

This is one of the 7 best places to buy customized furniture of 2024. With a well-equipped workshop and skilled workers, Design Furniture can make your unique furniture ideas come to life. For homes and businesses in the UAE, they make wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bedroom sets, TV units, and more that can be fully customized.

You can meet with their design team for free to go over technical drawings, room planning, and visualizing your product. Design Furniture will then carefully make your tailor-made furniture, paying attention to every little detail.

As an environmentally friendly business, also uses eco-friendly products and methods to cut down on waste. They make sure the quality is exact and the furniture is built to last.


Customized furniture is an investment, but it’s worth it because it’s well-made and fits your style perfectly. You can have your dream furniture pieces made just the way you pictured them at the above shops. Get a price right away and change the look and function of your living space with custom-made furniture.

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